Monday, 29 August 2016

An 'achievement' for which we should feel ashamed'!

Well it's official humankind's destruction of the planet and wanton exploitation of its resources has given rise to a new geological epoch by scientists - the Anthropocene era! In fact in the last few decades thanks to our carbon emmisions, deforestation, sea level rises and mass extinction of other species we've actually managed to end a period which had lasted 12,000 years - the holocene period.

And you have to say that considering we've only been technologically advanced as a species for a few decades that is some achievement, indeed it would appear we've succeeded in doing in a just few decades what nature might take thousands of years to do!

And very sad to report that among those species we look like confining to the history books are those highly intelligent creatures - and fellow mammals - the Elephant. And it would appear we have our very own british government to thank for this truly appalling prospect, the tories having reneged on a promise to ban ivory sales in britain.

But should we be surprised that a government led by someone who boasted she'd incinerate a 100,000 people in an instant with a nuclear strike would give a moment's thought to the survival of the world's dwindling Elephant population? A petition calling for an end to the world's ivory trade has already garnered over 1 million signatures and can be signed here - but dont expect to find Theresa May's name anywhere on it.

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