Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Corbynistas Waving - Blairites Drowning.

In these cynical times when it's said there's a widening gap between politicians and the 'man and woman on the street' you would think any british political party would be falling over themselves to welcome new members. And when a party has seen over 150,000 new people join since January you would think it would be the cue for wild celebrations within that party, with everything possible being done to make this massive new influx of members feel welcome and involved. Not so for some in the labour party it would seem. How else to explain the deliberate (and ultimately successful) effort by some on Labour's NEC to exclude tens of thousands of new members from being able to vote in Labour's leadership election?  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-37077672

If anyone wants to see the depths to which the blairite faction in the labour party have sunk to it can be seen in the fact they've given 'off the record' briefings to political commentators like Michael Crick that they would rather see Theresa May's Tories defeat a Jeremy Corbyn led labour in a general election. And when viewed in that context it's easy to see what's been taking place in the labour party in recent months. The blairites and their soft left fellow travelers like Owen Smith know they cannot defeat Jeremy Corbyn in a leadership contest but that isnt what this is really about! What it's really about is damaging Corbyn in the eyes of the general public, so making his already very difficult task of winning a general election even harder (and the contrived mass resignations from the labour shadow cabinet and front bench should be seen in the same light). And alas in this aim at least they do seem to have had some success. As while labour were neck and neck with the tories in the opinion polls as recently as the end of May they now lag ten or more points behind.

As to the motives of the blairites and their soft left dupes? Well on the one hand it's evidently ideological - the Stephen Kinnocks of this world accept much of what the tories have done and arent going to interfere in the workings of the 'market economy' too much. But is there something more going on here? Younger readers will probably be unfamiliar with the term 'the CIA wing of the labour party' but there was a time in the 60s and 70s and beyond when there were senior labour party figures who were certainly under the direction of the british and american intelligence services.


Now you dont have to be a genius to work out why the british and american intelligence services would be alarmed at the emergence of the 'corbynistas' - it's a mass movement committed to genuine social and economic change and which is radicalising lots of young people. Its principal figure (jeremy corbyn) is anti nato, anti nuclear weapons and a supporter of left wing movements around the world - so the prospect of someone like jeremy corbyn getting near to 10 downing street would understandably induce heart attacks among operatives at CIA HQ in Langley, Virginia. Thus we can be sure their proxies in Britain will be doing their utmost to ensure Jezza doesnt get anywhere near the reins of power here - hence his character assassination by the right wing british media and deliberate sabotage by some Labour MPs.

This blogger went along to Jeremy Corbyn's public meeting in Swansea leisure center recently. The first thing that needs to be said is it was packed out - there must have been at least two thousand people there (for a meeting arranged at relatively short notice it should be added). Secondly and perhaps most importantly around of third of the audience was under 30 years of age. Trust me if you'd said to people in Swansea a couple of years ago that a veteran socialist mp would be attracting audiences of thousands to a meeting - many of them young people - you would have been considered stark raving mad!

There were no real surprises during Corbyn's speech, it was what you'd expect from someone who's campaigned for socialist policies all his political life. So there were promises to return the railways and some of the utilities to public ownership. A promise to repeal tory anti trade union laws and a promise to embark on a government spending programme that would invest in deprived neglected communities and building tens of thousands of desperately needed council houses. But it was also very interesting and encouraging to hear him making a number of references to developing renewable energy and combating climate change. It certainly sounded to me as if Jeremy Corbyn is embracing eco socialism - which is surely now the only viable political ideology in a 21st century world ravaged by war, poverty, racism and the devastating affects of climate change.

It was also perhaps a signal a Corbyn led labour party would be open to forging a progressive alliance to defeat the tories at the next general election with the Greens, with a view to introducing PR for future general elections (and he should speak to Plaid and the SNP too). Certainly Corbyn should back Scotland's right to independence and accept that if the labour party in Scotland has any meaningful future it will be as a Scottish labour party in an independent Scotland. Jeremy has always been a friend of the republican movement and an advocate of irish reunification - and he should extend his support for the principle of self determination to Scotland (and Wales too) should their people desire it. Historically speaking the british state has been - and continues to be - a reactionary and imperialist power and no socialist should shed any tears over the possibility of its break up.

Two weeks ago the trade union leader Len McCluskey warned of agent provocateurs seeking to disrupt and discredit Jeremy Corbyn and his campaign https://www.rt.com/uk/352719-len-mccluskey-spies-corbyn/ Recently i was reading the excellent book 'Undercover' in which the authors detailed the activities of police and corporate spies in sabotaging environmental and left wing organisations. If you have not already done so do yourself a favour and get this book as we can be sure the tactics used by spies and agents and which are outlined in this book will be used against Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters. Indeed we can be sure they will be used against anyone or any group which is seen to represent a threat to the interests of the british ruling class and the CIA.

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