Saturday, 20 August 2016

It wont only be Rome that burns if Government's keep fiddling!

Amid the continuing chaos and human misery in Syria, the economic travails of post brexit Britain and a neo fascist running for the US presidency it's easy to overlook the fact that important as they are these issues pale into insignificance when set alongside the greatest threat humankind faces - the growing threat to all life on earth posed by human induced climate change.

A recent scientific report revealed that the arctic's sea ice is shrinking by over 10 percent a decade, and in 40 years the volume of arctic ice has almost been halved. And this rapid decline in the volume of arctic ice has prompted real fears among climatologists that the world's icecaps may be entering a decline which is unstoppable. For those who think this might not matter well they need to think again.The melting of the arctic ice sheets will release huge amounts of methane into our atmosphere leading to a dramatic acceleration in the process of global warming.

And again those who are skeptical of climate change need only look at the irrefutable evidence - year on year the world is getting hotter. Nasa recently revealed that July was the hottest month on record. This year over 2 billion people across the world - from India, to china to the middle east to north africa and the US were subject to almost unprecedented and prolonged heatwaves. Parts of the the middle east and north africa are already becoming almost uninhabitable as a result while areas like southern europe and parts of north america are getting dryer and hotter every year.

Sadly given these frightening weather patterns, the reams of statistical evidence and physical evidence like the rapidly increasing acidity of the world's oceans it might be the case that we are already past the fabled 'tipping point' and all we can do is learn to live with climate change and seek to mitigate its worst effects. Unfortunately however if the climate change denying dunces like Donald Trump - and the brainless Australian Senator in the attached video - get their way truly catastrophic climate change might occur sooner than we think.

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