Thursday, 25 August 2016

The 'Culture War' is a racist War.

The so called 'Burqini' is a completely innocuous and inoffensive piece of clothing. Yet wearing one on a french beach can earn someone an on the spot fine - and removal from the beach and arrest if they refuse to comply with a police demand to remove one.

The spectacle this week of four armed policeman surrounding a muslim woman on a nice beach forcing her to remove the burqini she was wearing and issuing her with fines was utterly nauseating.Perhaps if these same local police (and the french intelligence service) had shown a bit more vigilance the daesh inspired atrocity there last month wouldnt have happened?

Of course the people that will be most delighted with this latest example of the so called 'culture war' will be the medieval homicides of Daesh and also the leader of the far right National Front. Daesh wants to create divisions between muslims and non muslims across the world as it fits in to their warped narrative - in the same way such divisions fit in to the reactionary narrative of the far right leader Marie Le Pen.

You also have to wonder just what kind of signal actions like this sends to france's millions of muslim citizens? So well done to the french businessman who has offered to pay the fines of any one fined for wearing a burqini.

Strangely this 'law' only seems to single out muslims - it was supposedly enacted to enforce secularism yet nuns for example can frolic freely on any french beach without fear of 4 armed policeman showing up and issuing fines and threatening arrest. Worth remembering that in 1930s germany it was the 'law' that jews should wear a star - some laws are simply unjust and should be defied.

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