Sunday, 25 September 2016

Jeremy Corbyn - a record breaking Mandate

Well in terms of badly executed coups the one which a gang of seething blairites launched to try and depose Jeremy Corbyn must rank as among the most inept since a cabal of right wing press barons and rich oilmen tried to overthrow Roosevelt after he introduced the 'new deal' in the US. Far from weakening Jeremy Corbyn the labour leadership contest has made him stronger than ever - his victory margin this time round was even more decisive than it was last year.

And but for the fact tens of thousands of people were denied from voting because of  bureaucratic shenanigans by his opponents at Labour HQ his margin of victory over Owen Smith would have been even greater. Furthermore Corbyn has now achieved something which no other person in the history of the labour party has achieved before - he's been elected via a ballot of the entire labour party membership on two separate occassions.

It's an often overlooked fact that until relatively recently labour members had no say in deciding who their leader was, it was Labour MPs who elected the likes of Atlee, Wilson and Callaghan. While the elections which saw Kinnock and Blair elected labour leader were conducted under a system which saw ordinary members votes account for only a third of the total ballot - MPs and affiliated Unions accounting for the other two thirds. So it can legitimately be claimed that Jeremy Corbyn has a stronger mandate to lead his party than any previous labour leader has ever had - indeed given the number of votes he received a stronger mandate than any leader of any party in British political history.

And speaking of 'mandates' contrast Jeremy Corbyn's democratic endorsement with that of another prominent british political figure - namely Theresa May. She became the leader of her party without a single vote being cast in her favour and she became the British PM without a single vote being cast in her favour. Indeed it can legitimately be said that May doesnt have any democratic mandate whatsoever to lead the tories or be British PM. But you wont be hearing that in most of the British media - they're too busy hounding Jeremy Corbyn and questioning his 'legitimacy'.

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