Thursday, 1 September 2016

Leading Brexiteers have blood on their hands

We should of course be careful of jumping to conclusions when a crime occurs but it does seem as if this week's fatal attack on the polish man Arkadiusz Jóźwik in Harlow was a hate crime. In the run up to the EU referendum and since police forces across the UK have reported a 10 fold increase in incidents motivated by racism.

And of course it's not only people from EU countries like poland and romania who have been racially abused and in some cases physically attacked - members of britain's muslim, afro caribbean, asian and african communities have also experienced more racism since june 23rd.

This of course is not to imply that everyone who voted for brexit is a racist, as there's certainly plenty of evidence to show that some working class voters were motivated to vote leave because of feelings of complete alienation brought on by years of austerity and a desire to give the likes of David Cameron and 'Baronet' Gideon Osborne a political kick in. But every poll of opinion before and since June 23rd has shown that 'immigration' was the principle reason for people voting to leave the EU. And while this blogger is no particular fan of the EU - its undemocratic aspects, the austerity it helped impose on people in greece, spain and ireland - i supported the remain side because of my belief that a leave vote would give rise to an ugly and nascent british nationalism and to racist incidents of precisely the kind we have seen.

Thus it was no surprise to see that members of british fascist and neo nazi groups like 'Britain First' threw themselves into the brexit campaign with a vengeance. As the following report made clear

While the most appalling incident of the Referendum campaign itself - the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox - was committed by a hitler worshipping member of a neo nazi splinter group the so called 'National Alliance'. 

Shortly before EU polling day, when he was unvieling his blatantly misleading and racist poster, Nigel Farage stated anger over the EU would lead to 'blood on the streets'. Well sad to report that in view of all the hate crimes in the UK in recent months it looks like he's got his wish. Lets hope the likes of Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Gisela Stuart are one day held to account for the racial hatred they've undeniably whipped up as a result of the poisonous, xenophobic and deeply misleading campaign they waged.

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