Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Death of Grass

The Death of Grass is a little known novel written by the British author Samuel Youd and published in 1956 under his pen name John Christopher. Its plot center's around a worldwide ecological disaster which has been wiping out grass and crops across the world. Suddenly the 'developed' world is facing chronic food shortages and society in places like US and the UK starts to implode. The novel charts this grim scenario through the experiences of one family. The book was adapated into a film - 'No Blade of Grass' - in 1970.

Recently it was reported in the Royal Society Biology Journal that a team of US researchers have found that the pace of climate change is impacting on the world's grass species with wheat, corn and rice among those being affected - crops which supply almost half the calories consumed by humans. We would do well to heed the warnings outlined in Samuel Youd's excellent novel and the later and unfortunately hard to find film.

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