Saturday, 24 September 2016

Will anyone Save the children?

Viewers of Channel 4 news this week would have seen the heartbreaking story from Aleppo of the 8 month old Syrian girl Nour.This week Nour's home received a direct hit from Syrian government forces (so much for the ceasefire). Her mother died instantly in the attack and Nour herself received terrible shrapnel injuries from the explosion. Doctors at the overwhelmed Al-Quds hospital in Aleppo worked heroically to treat Nour's savage injurues and she was returned to the care of relatives.

Tonite Channel 4 reported Nour died in another direct hit on the home she'd been taken to after being discharged from hospital. At times like this words arent enough to convey the outrageous manner of her death or the unimaginable pain and terror this little girl must have endured during her brief time on this earth. I think Marvin Gaye summed things up better than i ever could

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