Thursday, 27 October 2016

Are some labour MPs on the Saudi payroll too?

I visited the subject of the war crimes committed by the Saudi regime in Yemen in a previous post so bitterly disappointing then last night to see over 100 Labour MPs helped scupper a motion in the UK parliament which sought to hold the Saudis to account for their actions in Yemen and to withdraw British support for the Saudi led coalition in the Yemeni civil war

Given the disgraceful conduct of these Labour MPs in helping to sink what was in essence a fairly moderate motion - it didnt even call for the suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia - we could be forgiven for concluding that along with scores of other politicians in the West there are Labour MPs in the pockets of the barbaric Saudi regime too.

Would also love to know what the 'moderating influence' the UK is exercising over Saudi Arabia Boris Johnson refers to in the article is? Maybe the medieval Saudi regime will stop beheading people in public and stoning women to death for adultery? Course what Boris Johnson really means is "buy lot of arms from us and we'll turn a blind eye to your appalling human rights record and your war crimes in Yemen".

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