Monday, 31 October 2016

Boozing parents abandon son to go out on lash

A shocking tale of feckless parents leaving their 11 year old child on his own in a B&B while they went out and got boozed up!

The Mirror reported "Michael Gove's young son was left alone in a room at a posh B&B for six hours while his parents enjoyed a glitzy celebrity party.The ex-Cabinet minister and his wife Sarah Vine told hotel workers they would be back by around 9.30pm.But the couple are said to have failed to answer calls from a concerned night porter who found the 11-year-old wandering the corridors, asking where his parents were.The Goves are believed to have returned to the £250-a-night, 13-bedroom B&B at 1.30am the next morning – four hours later than they said they would be".

I trust the Goves will soon be getting a visit from their local child protection unit and from the police? Hundreds of other people in England and Wales have been arrested for leaving their children alone at home

Of course incidences of child neglect among the British upper classes are nothing new - the reason they have packed their children off to boarding schools for generations is because they are either incapable of looking after their own children or they simply can't be bothered.

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