Saturday, 26 November 2016

Farewell Fidel

Sad news this morning with the passing away of former Cuban president and lifelong revolutionary Fidel Castro.The target of numerous assassination attempts by the CIA and US funded terrorists during his lifetime Fidel oversaw Cuba's transformation from a playground for the American mafia and the super rich into a socialist state with one of the best public health and education systems in the world. A state with comprehensive social welfare provision and an infant mortality rate which ranks among the world's lowest is all the more remarkable when you consider it has been achieved in the face of decades of economic and military sabotage by the United States.

Under Fidel's leadership Cuba also supported numerous liberation struggles around the world - most notably in Africa, where Cuban soldiers helped defeat terrorist armies backed by the South African apartheid regime in Angola and Mozambique. Cuba was a staunch supporter of the ANC and shortly after his release from prison Nelson Mandela singled out Cuba for the support it had given to the international struggle against Apartheid. Cuba has also been a long time supporter of the Palestinian struggle for statehood and of course Cuba has long served as a friend and inspiration to progressive movements across Latin America seeking to free their countries from US economic domination (the gun Chile's socialist president Salvador Allende used to defend himself in La Moneda during Pinochet's fascist coup was given to him by Fidel Castro).

I'm sure Fidel and his long departed compaƱero Che are already enjoying a cigar together.

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