Thursday, 3 November 2016

Frack off Tindale!

Well Stephen Tindale has certainly travelled a long way since he was a director of Greenpeace a few years back. He was in the news in Wales yesterday for chastising the Welsh government for its opposition to fracking in Wales (fracking is a devolved issue and no fracking licenses can be issued in Wales without Welsh government approval).

Doubtless Tindale's intervention will be seized upon by the fracking lobby as evidence that opposition to fracking is misguided. But when considering his criticisms of the Welsh government it needs to be understood that the self styled 'energy consultant' Tindale was last year part of a so called 'independent' task force looking into fracking which received £650,000 from the fracking industry, including the leading shale gas explorers Cuadrilla and Centrica.The task force was also found to have strong ties to the fossil fuel industries favourite PR company Edelman

Interestingly Stephen Tindale is now a supporter of GM crops too, and in keeping with someone who now opposes everything he seemingly once believed in Tindale is now also a paid director for the pro nuclear power Alvin Weinberg Foundation. Clearly you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that people like Tindale change their positions because it's very lucrative for them to do so, his kind are evidently the sort of unprincipled turn coats who would give their backing to anything if it was in their own financial interests to do so. And while Stephen Tindale makes much of his former Greenpeace credentials - he can be found touting his earlier role with them over the internet - he of course omits to mention that Greenpeace itself remains resolutely opposed to Fracking (and GM foods)

If anyone wants to see the terrible impact of fracking all they need do is spend a few minutes watching the excellent documentary 'fracking hell', or read the multitude of independent reports linking fracking with poisoning water supplies. Documentaries and reports like these will tell you everything you need to know about the catastrophic damage fracking does to the environment and the serious health risks it poses to nearby communities.

While there is growing scientific evidence linking fracking to an increased risk of earthquakes

This is why the Welsh government is right to stand firm on its ban on fracking in Wales - a stance for which it certainly has the backing of the majority of people. Indeed a Yougov poll last month showed a sharp rise in public opposition to fracking Delighted to report the SNP government appears equally unlikely to grant any licenses to frack in Scotland too, and while the UK government at Westminister has granted licenses to companies to frack in some parts of England the Friends of the Earth link posted at the bottom of this article shows there is widespread opposition to fracking right across England - opposition which may well succeed in preventing fracking taking place in England too.

Of course just like their devious counterparts in the nuclear lobby the hired mouthpieces of the fracking industry - like Tindale - say 'we need fracking because we have to keep the lights on" and yes they're right we do need to keep the lights on - but the point is we don't have to poison our water supplies from fracking or contaminate our land and seas with radioactive waste in order to do so.There's a clean,safe and ready made source of energy all around us - energy from renewable sources like the tides, solar and wind. A growing number of countries across the world are investing in renewable energy - Denmark, Uruguay and Costa Rica now produce almost all their electricity from renewable sources while last year more of Scotland's energy came from renewables than all other sources put together

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