Thursday, 5 January 2017

Jack and Gordon - getting away with it 100 years apart.

Not being one for wild parties or the inordinate consumption of alcohol i spent the 'festive season' catching up on some long overdue reading, finally managing to get stuck into Bruce Robinson's vast and meticulously researched tome on the Jack the Ripper murders 'They all love Jack : Busting The Ripper'. A film and TV director by trade - he directed the cult british movie 'Withnail and I' - Bruce Robinson provides compelling evidence that the investigation into the Ripper murders was deliberately compromised by Freemasons in the upper echelons of the Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard (amazingly some files on the case still remain secret on the insistence of Scotland Yard )

In his book Robinson shows how the savage murders attributed to the so called 'Ripper' bore the hallmarks of masonic rituals. This fact induced considerable panic among the likes of Sir Charles Warren and Sir Robert Anderson, the senior police figures charged with investigating the murders and who both also happened to be senior freemasons. They were terrified the masonic aspects of the murders would become public knowledge and result in a huge public backlash against freemasonry. But in subverting and sabotaging the investigation they not only succeeded in covering up the fact Jack the Ripper was almost certainly one of their own but they helped one of the most infamous serial killers in history escape justice.

And a century after freemasons were perverting the course of justice in Whitechapel members of the same organisation were seemingly helping the peadophile police Inspector Gordon Anglesea evade justice in north wales.The radical journalist Paddy French has shown on the always compelling 'Rebecca' blog how freemasons helped Anglesea evade justice for serious crimes against children for two decades

It wasn't revealed during Gordon Anglesea's 1994 libel case against two newspapers and private eye magazine that there was in fact enough evidence against him to bring criminal charges for child sex offences but that north wales police had declined to act on the evidence they had. But despite winning his libel case and being awarded hefty damages (the judge presiding over the libel case - Sir Maurice Drake - was a freemason) serious allegations of child abuse in north wales refused to go away and the then Welsh secretary William Hague set up a north wales tribunal to look into allegations of historic child sexual abuse in the area (freemasons hit back by planting stories about William Hague's private life in the media).

Anglesea was summoned to appear before the North Wales tribunal - whose findings would be published in 2000 in the shape of the Waterhouse Report - but the tribunal concluded the allegations against him "had not been proved to our satisfaction". But what the report didnt say was that a number of the members of the tribunal investigating the allegations against Anglesea were freemasons themselves - among them the head of the tribunal itself Sir Ronald Gough Waterhouse. Even the tribunal's own leading counsel Gerard Elias QC was a freemason. While quite unbelievably north wales police had failed to hand over a file to the tribunal containing details of an allegation of serious sexual assualt against Anglesea which proved that Anglesea had lied to police when under caution about the incident. Unsurprisingly the Waterhouse report soon earned the tag the 'Whitewash Report' in many quarters.

But the revelations which emerged of historic child sexual abuse following the death of Jimmy Savile in late 2011 led the UK prime minister David Cameron to set up independent inquiries into allegations of historic child abuse. This would include the reopening of investigations into allegations of sexual abuse at north wales children's homes - among them Bryn Estyn - and Gordon Anglesea was arrested in December 2013.

On October 21 2016 a jury at Mold crown court found Gordon Anglesea guilty of historic child sex offences and two weeks later he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Gordon Anglesea passed away at a hospital in warwickshire six weeks into his sentence on December 16th.

Gerard Elias recently stepped down from a 6 year stint as Standards Commissioner for the National Assembly of Wales and was made a CBE in the new year's honours list. Meanwhile it is now being claimed Freemasons helped cover up the Hillsborough disaster

This blog has some interesting information on the continuing influence of freemasons on Welsh life


  1. The cancer of The Craft permeates every nook and cranny of British society. Every police force, justice system, local government and private business. These Masters of Mediocracy are the real reason why so many of the people holding the reins of power fail over and over again. Good, well qualified, men and all women are ignored with monotonous regularity to promote Freemasons who are useless. This is the fundamental reason why women are so rarely promoted and kept in a subservient role nationwide.

  2. Thank you for that Solaqua, the point you make about women is a very important one. As while there is at least some awareness of the corruption freemasons have been involved in the order's unacceptable attitude to women often seems to get overlooked.