Thursday, 19 January 2017

Was that Madge i spotted at my doctors surgery?

The Guardian reports "Hundreds of thousands of elderly Britons living in Europe may be forced to return to the UK unless the government guarantees that their healthcare will continue to be reimbursed by the NHS, campaigners for British people settled in Spain and France have warned.The House of Commons Brexit select committee was told on Wednesday that an unintended consequence of Brexit could be a surge in immigration of British migrants both working and retired".

Groups campaigning for the rights of Britons settled in Europe told the committee that many pensioners in countries such as Spain and France would not be able to afford private health insurance if the current system was jettisoned post-Brexit."They may have no alternative but to come back,” said Sue Wilson, one of the founders of the Remain in Spain group.

All these British nationals coming over here from Europe and using our health service - it's disgusting! We need to get out of the EU to stop outrages like this from happening - someone get hold of Nigel Farage pronto and tell him we need another one of those nasty posters he specialises in. Er but hang on a moment - it's because the UK is leaving the EU that hundreds of thousands of mainly elderly British nationals living in EU member states might have to return to live in the UK, with all the extra pressures on the NHS, social services and housing that will bring.

Wonder if they'll let Madge bring her scooter back with her?

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