Friday, 13 January 2017

Well let's hope it's not another 'dodgy dossier'

Readers might be familiar with the phrase 'dodgy dossier', it was the term coined to describe the dossier written by british intelligence on which the decision to launch the disastrous invasion of Iraq was based - and it included the infamous claim that Iraq had 'weapons of mass destruction'. Nearly a decade and a half on and a report apparently authored by british intelligence (the MI6 operative Christopher Steele) is once again at the center of a massive news story. In this case extraordinary claims that the US president elect Donald Trump is a Russian 'stooge' and that the Russian intelligence services possess compromising material of the controversial Trump. Given then the dubious role of the intelligence services in the Iraq debacle we should i think be cautious before rushing to judge Trump on these latest charges against him.

Funnily enough British intelligence have got form when it comes to accusing politicians of being Russian assets. In the 1970s a group of right wing officers in MI5 were convinced that the Labour prime minister Harold Wilson was working for the KGB - they seriously believed the Russians had poisoned the previous Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell to pave the way for Wilson to replace him and eventually become british prime minister. We now know of course these ludicrous claims were the creation of a group of deranged right wing fantasists in the upper echelons of british society and part of a sustained campaign to sabotage and undermine Wilson's labour governments (with part of this campaign also apparently involving plans to stage a military coup

Course the US republican Trump's politics are a million miles away from those of a british socialist like Harold Wilson. But the motives of the british and american intelligence services in wanting to seriously damage Trump would seem to be clear and i suspect they are anything but altruistic motives. He doesn't back the so called 'rebels' in Syria (some of whom are linked to murderous jihadists like al qaeda and daesh it should be noted) and he has publicly endorsed Russian intervention in that country's civil war. For the hawks in US and British intelligence - and their Saudi allies - used to shaping the middle east along their own lines Trump's stance is tantamount to treason, and they have clearly decided the new man in the white house has to be made to toe the line when it comes to policy in the middle east and towards Putin's Russia.

That means toeing a line which has led to the near disintegration of at least 3 countries in the region - Libya, Iraq and Syria - and which has seen swathes of all 3 countries fall into the terrible clutches of the medieval homicides of daesh. And if Trump doesn't do what every president since Lyndon Johnson has done ie do whatever the US intelligence service tell him to do on the middle east and on Russia then i wouldn't rule out efforts to bring Trump's presidency to a premature end, either by constitutional means such as we saw in the summer of 1974 or unconstitutional means as we saw on November 22nd 1963.

The renowned investigative US journalist Glenn Greenwald is like myself strongly opposed to Trump's politics and it's revealing that he too is deeply skeptical of the claims some in the intelligence community are making The prospect of a Trump presidency genuinely appalls me but i would prefer it those of us opposed to his uniquely divisive and dangerous brand of politics sought to defeat Trump by exposing and challenging his reactionary plans - such as abolishing Barak Obama's affordable healthcare act, building a massive wall on the mexican border and his dinosaur views on climate change - rather than trying to undermine him by relying on on dubious leaks from intelligence agencies trained in the art of deception.


  1. Entirely agree. What's going on at the moment undermines many of the core values of societies throughout the western world. Damaging and dangerous for us all.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your articles (even though I disagree with most).

  2. Thank you for your kind words anon and thank you for stopping by. No problem that you might not agree with many of my views, it's good to hear what other people think and i publish readers comments whether i agree with them or not.

    I think the tumultuous events of the last 12 months - brexit, Trump - means we all have to try to talk to one another. In that respect i think this brilliant observation from the journalist Jonathan Pie has some valuable things to say to people on my side of things in particular.