Wednesday, 22 February 2017

”The sun still shines.”

I've written previously here on the perilous and even frightening times we live in  To recap in the last few months we've seen a UK exit from the EU as a result of a campaign based largely on lies, xenophobia and a nascent and ugly British chauvinism. We've seen a President elected in America on a platform based almost entirely on lies, xenophobia and promises that on times have bordered on fascism (promises we are now seeing in action And we are presently seeing the prospect in France and the Netherlands of the election of politicians from parties whose past leader called the holocaust "a mere detail of history" and whose current leader describes people from north africa as "scum" So all in all this a very trying time for those of us with a world view based on tolerance, compassion and a commitment to social and economic justice.

But however grim things might appear at present we should take care not to despair - these forces of darkness wont always be in the ascendant. And as always happens with neo fascist movements their mask will slip and their full hideousness will be revealed, and we can be sure they will then be held to account for the violence, hatred and fear they have encouraged and spread. As an incredibly brave young woman - executed 74 years ago today by arguably the cruellest political regime in human history - reminded us as she went to her death "Sonne scheint noch" (The sun still shines).

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  1. Remembering Sophia Scroll and the others of the White Rose movement is more essential today.