Friday, 10 February 2017

Today's 'Alt Right' are the Old Far Right

This week Channel 4 news screened a report on the British Alt Right - the kindred spirits of America's infamous 'Alt Right' ie white supremacists and other assorted neo fascists who flock to internet sites like Breitbart and who salivate at the hateful rantings of the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos In one sense the channel 4 report was revealing because it showed british devotees of the Alt Right openly expressing admiration for Hitler's Mein Kampf and their adherence to a form of politics which emphasis the primacy of skin colour above all else.You would have thought that these 'wunderkinds' might have been savvy enough to realise that openly expressing admiration for a racist mass murderer like Hitler or promoting an ideology based on racial identity on a major british news programme isn't the best way to build popular support.

But in another sense there wasn't anything in Channel Four's report (uploaded below) we havent seen or heard before. Substitute 'Judaism' for 'Islam' and 'master race' for 'white civilisation' and these foot soldiers of the British Alt Right are saying exactly what the Nazis used to say in the 1930s and what the neo nazi british national front were saying in the 1970s and 1980s. In other words today's Alt Right are Nazis pure and simple, and they should be treated accordingly.

UPDATE : The Anti Fascist organisation Hope not Hate has unearthed more details on the links between US white supremacists and the Alt Right in the UK

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  1. Why not just treat everyone, not just those you choose to accuse of being Nazi's, according to the laws of the land?

    And the same goes for allowing free speech. The laws on such are perfectly clear.