Friday, 31 March 2017

Brexit and a Medieval Psychopath

So the British government is set to employ powers created by Henry Vlll as part of the process of brexit

Er hang on a moment weren't we repeatedly told by leavers during the referendum campaign that the EU was undemocratic and unaccountable to the people and so people in the UK should vote leave to 'take back control'. Just how using powers created by a 16th century absolute monarch is taking back control i'm not sure. Furthermore the monarch in question wasn't the cuddly comical 'Henery' Herman's Hermits sang about in their dreadful 1960s song - Henry Vlll was a mass murdering tyrant! He authorised the killing of tens of thousands of people he disagreed with during his bloody tyrannical reign and engineered the torture and execution of some of his wives just to get rid of them. Indeed when it came to beheading, burning and boiling people Henry Vlll could have taught ISIS a thing or two. Oh and he annexed Wales with the 1536 Act of Union, effectively making it a part of England and introducing laws which tried to exterminate the welsh language.

It's bad enough this clueless British government have invoked powers created by an unaccountable monarch as part of their so called 'great repeal bill' but in 'Henery' the Eigth they could not a have a chosen a more repulsive figure from British history.

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