Thursday, 23 March 2017

More terrible consequences of a disastrous invasion

Well there's only one story today and that story is the awful events in London yesterday. Must say i've never seen so many people who haven't been in a church in years and who wouldn't know one end of the bible from the other sending 'prayers' - well you'll get no such hypocritical bunkum from me. I'm deeply saddened that 4 people lost their lives in london yesterday but i wont be invoking the support of any supernatural entities as a result of it.

Sad but entirely predictable to see however that british far right groups - and their fellow travellers in ukip - are already seizing on the event and trying to use it for their own repugnant agenda,and this is despite the fact we don't yet know the identity of the suspect or what his motives were.

One thing i will say is that if it should turn out the attacker was linked to a group like ISIS or influenced by them we need to remember that ISIS emerged from a split in Al Qaeda in Iraq, and that Al Qaeda in Iraq itself emerged from the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003 - an invasion which resulted in the deaths of over 1 million Iraqis.The fact is if there had been no invasion of Iraq there would be no ISIS murdering people today, and if we care about all the victims of ISIS we should never allow those who backed the disastrous invasion to forget this

Update: So called 'Islamic State' have indeed claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack in London. Meanwhile over 200 Iraqi civilians died today as a result of US airstrikes in Mosul

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