Monday, 6 March 2017

Ricky Tomlinson's claims should be taken seriously

In truth no one should be surprised by Ricky Tomlinson's claim last week that the broadcaster Richard Whiteley was an asset of british intelligence,and that Whiteley was part of the british state's campaign against striking building workers in the early 1970s. A wave of industrial action on building sites prompted by the terrible wage levels and the appalling and dangerous working conditions people employed in the building industry faced. Whiteley presented a documentary - Red Under the Bed - broadcast at the height of the trial against the striking building workers which was subsequently found to have been produced and financed by British intelligence

In relation to Whiteley it's worth noting the intelligence services have always placed great store on infiltrating and controlling the mass media. Documents which surfaced following the collapse of BCCI in 1991 revealed that nearly 100 british journalists were working for british intelligence while the earlier investigations of the Church committee in the US revealed that hundreds of journalists and broadcaster's were on the CIA's payroll. And for decades a secret department at the BBC and controlled by MI5 vetted people applying for jobs with the corporation

Doubtless most people will be unfamiliar with the events of the early 1970s and which would result in Ricky Tomlinson's imprisonment but in a speech (see video below) which he recently gave to the 'Those Who Are Spied Upon' conference Ricky illustrated the trumped up nature of the 'case' against him and fellow strikers like Des Warren. And he highlighted the extent of collusion between the british government, employers in the building industry and british intelligence during the building workers strikes of the period.Collusion between government, employers and the intelligence services which would be repeated during the 1980s miners strike and which we can be sure has continued

Of course companies involved in the building industry - like McAlpine's and Balfour Beatty - have always been prominent supporters of the Conservative party and also helped fund the infamous Economic League, a shadowy right wing organisation which drew up blacklists of people with so called 'subversive' ie left wing views - blacklists which over the decades have resulted in tens of thousands of people losing their jobs or being denied employment.

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