Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Blame the Welsh air

Well i've lived in Wales all my life and there are a number of things about this little country i've always felt a sense of pride about - among them our beautiful scenery, our tradition of radical progressive politics and our air! As there's no question that as air goes the welsh air is probably up there with the best you'll find anywhere in the world. And up until yesterday i would have had no hesitation in urging anyone to visit Wales and inhale as much of it as their lungs can hold. However after yesterday's shock news i'm no longer so sure of this, as it was apparently while 'walking in wales' in the splendid environs of Cader Idris in Snowdonia and enjoying the welsh mountain air that Theresa May made up her mind to call a snap general election for June 8th

Now as things stand and if all the current polling evidence is to be believed the tories are on course to win a majority on June 8th that will make the 1997 british general election result look like a cliffhanger. Thanks to a combination of blairite sabotage and Jezza's incompetence Labour are in complete disarray and at the same time the tories have managed to hoover up most of ukip's support by adopting a hardest possible stance on brexit. And the early indicators are the fact that Theresa May has repeatedly misled people about not going for an early general election hasnt dented May's 'popularity' by one iota

But what will a tory majority of 150 - 200 on June 8th mean? It will mean a hard right tory government with a massive majority at Westminster being able to pursue a neo thatcherite agenda unencumberd by any progressive laws approved by the EU parliament, eu laws which have given workers rights and which have protected the environment. As the likes of Nigel Lawson gleefully stated soon after the vote to leave on June 23rd 'brexit means being able to finish what Thatcher started'

On the upside a tory majority at Westminster of 150 + will hopefully concentrate a few waivering minds in Scotland ahead of a second independence referendum and result in Scotland departing the 'union' and escaping the awful clutches of the right wing 'John Bull' madhouse that post brexit blighty looks set to become. Alas the prospects for Wales are not so positive. As unless there's a sudden sea change in welsh public opinion Wales faces that grim future 'naked under an acid rain' the socialist historian Gwyn Alf Williams warned us about back in 1983.

My immediate reaction folowing the vote in Wales to leave the EU on June 23rd was that Turkeys do indeed vote for Christmas, and nothing that has happened since then has changed that view.

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