Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Wales is turning Blue

No people in Wales arent re-enacting the old celtic warrior practice of covering their bodies with a blue dye before battle and there hasn't been a sudden surge in sales of porn movies in Wales either (well not so far as i'm aware of anyway).The title of this post in fact refers to a yougov opinion poll published yesterday which showed the Conservatives gaining ten seats in Wales in the forthcoming UK general election and winning over half Wales constituencies on June 8th http://www.itv.com/news/wales/2017-04-24/shock-poll-suggests-tories-ahead-in-wales/. To put this into perspective the conservatives havent won the most seats in Wales since the rotten borough days of the mid 19th century. Indeed as recently as 1997 they didnt have a single MP in Wales. Now if this poll proves accurate the Conservatives will have more MPs in Wales than all the other parties put together. 

Some commentators - notably the welsh political pundit Daran Hill - have previously pointed out how in recent times Wales has politicaly speaking become more like England than Scotland. So in the 2015 UK general election while the tories were wiped out in Scotland in Wales they won 11 seats and in last year's EU referendum while Scotland voted emphatically to remain people in Wales voted to leave by a similar proportion to those in England. And this recent political trajectory seems to have gathered even greater speed with yesterday's shock poll. Amazingly the part of the UK which has most to lose from a hard brexit - two thirds of welsh exports are to the EU single market - is seeing the greatest swing anywhere in the UK to a Tory party and Tory leader now seemingly committed to the hardest of brexits.

For people like myself immersed in Wales radical and left leaning political traditions this poll makes particularly disappointing reading. Clearly too many people in Wales seem to have forgotten what a British tory government at Westminster did to the welsh economy in the 1980s. Furthermore this poll raises serious doubts that Wales will follow Scotland and begin to plot its own independent course any time soon. Indeed polls like this give rise to very real fears that Wales is more likely to morph into 'WalesShire' than become the independent socialist republic people like myself hope to see it become.

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  1. Labour will now be trying to accuse Plaid of letting the Tories in, but are there any Labour MPs really worth saving if they are not going to fight for Wales by obeying their London masters.