Thursday, 4 May 2017

The 51st State

I did chuckle when i saw that earlier this week Theresa May took time out from hiding from the public in a scottish forest to put out this statement It appears there are fears in tory circles that 'russian hackers' might try to interfere in the UK general election on the direction of the dastardly Vladimir Putin. In reality we should take such claims with a pinch of salt and see them for what they - part of a carefully crafted strategy to build up public hostility to Russia as part of a deliberately engineered new 'cold war'. And there may also be an element here of Theresa May getting her excuses in early so to speak ie if the result of the general election doesnt turn out as she hoped she can blame those pesky russians. And yesterday she emerged from her bunker to add EU politicians to her list of evil 'foreign powers' intent upon hijacking the general election for their own insidious ends

But the irony of statements like this from Theresa May is that there is of course one foreign power whose intelligence services have been interfering in domestic UK politics for decades (and with the full approval of successive british government ). Namely the US and its intelligence service the CIA. The journal of parapolitics - Lobster magazine - has written extensively of CIA involvement in UK domestic politics over the decades

The US even has its own intelligence gathering listening post in Yorkshire at Menwith Hill Here intelligence from across europe is picked up and passed directly to the CIA and the White House, where it is then decided if this intelligence should be passed on to their UK counterparts. Despite what the likes of  Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and other stooges of US intel tell us there is nothing remotely 'special' about this relationship, indeed it's a wholly unequal one (as take note any post brexit US/UK trade deal will certainly be). It is not for nothing that over time the UK has earned the somewhat unflattering sobriquet around the world of being the '51st State'.

Needless to say the CIA and its assets in the british state will do all they can to ensure the continuation of this 'relationship', and as we have seen down the years with the treatment metered out to the likes of Tony Benn, Ken Livingstone and George Galloway any politician who challenges the so called special relationship can expect to be the subject of a sustained campaign of character assassination at the very least, and in the cases of Tony Benn and Ken Livingstone literal assassination it would seem.

A few years back the investigative journalist Duncan Campbell wrote in the newstatesman magazine of  a plan by british intelligence operatives to assassinate Tony Benn. While it was recently revealed that Ken Livingstone was targeted for assassination on at least two occassions

Both plots to assassinate Livingstone involved using the murderous services of Ulster loyalists, and thanks to the integrity of the likes of Colin Wallace and Fred Holroyd and the excellent research of Anne Cadwallader of the Pat Finucane center we now know that loyalist groups were in large part armed and directed by british army intelligence. So we may take it as read that the british intelligence services would have at the very least been cognisant of the plots to assassinate Ken Livingstone (and may even have had a hands on role in such plots - the loyalist killer Michael Stone has certainly hinted at as much). 

And by the same token those of us who support Scottish and Welsh independence should be under no illusions that these same intelligence services will do all they can to maintain the unity of the British state and to sabotage and undermine efforts to bring about independence for Scotland and Wales. And that in this they would receive the full support of their counterparts in US intelligence, as the CIA would certainly not relish seeing the break up of its puppet British state. Particularly as there is no certainty an independent Wales or Scotland would wish to be members of Nato. Indeed i would very much hope an independent Wales and an independent Scotland would follow Ireland's lead and opt for non aligned status, and that the only time we would ever see a welsh army deployed overseas would be in a peace keeping role for the UN.

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