Sunday, 14 May 2017

The next cyber attack could mean Armageddon

The cyber attack which paralysed the NHS in large parts of England and Scotland (Wales was thankfully untouched) and which infected scores of organisations and governmental agencies around the world was appalling. It forced the cancellation of scores of operations and the closure of doctors surgeries, saw ambulances diverted and resulted in the theft of confidential patient information. Let's just hope no one has lost their life as a result of this cowardly and criminal action

Course it's impact on the UK NHS could have been less serious but for cuts by the tory government to the NHS's security budget, and the tories and Phillip hammond are rightly being challenged to account for this ( lets hope public awareness of such cuts impacts on the tory poll figures).

But as awful as this attack has undeniably been it's very frightening and very sobering to realise that there is real potential for cyber attackers to wreak far more terrible havoc than anything we've seen over the last couple of days, as these recent headlines randomly plucked off google illustrate.

These headlines, and the shocking events of the last few days, are a grim reminder of the serious dangers posed by both nuclear weapons and nuclear power to life on earth and why anti nuclear campaigners shouldnt let up in our efforts to rid the world of both. Put simply the growing level of sophistication and cunning shown by cyber attackers shows they have the capacity to hack into countries nuclear weapons arsenals and into the computers of nuclear power stations.

It's over 3 decades since the movie Wargames popularised the notion of nuclear missiles being launched as a result of computer hacking - the subsequent advent of the internet together with our growing reliance on it makes such a terrifying possibility more real than ever.

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