Thursday, 29 June 2017

They can't cover things up like they used to

Anyone who knows me would be aware of my misgivings about social media, in particular the way it has enabled far right and neo nazi groups groups to disseminate their hate and bigotry to a new and alas sometimes gullible audience. But i think it's fair to say if we'd had things like facebook and twitter when hillsborough occured then senior polcemen and the tory media would never have been able to get away with the disgusting lies they told about liverpool supporters in the days after the disaster. And it certainly wouldnt have taken almost 30 years for those at the center of the disaster to face justice in a court

The Grenfell Tower fire was horrific and i sincerely hope charges for corporate manslaughter will follow but thanks to social media it is now much harder for officialdom and politicians to cover things up than it used to be.So if kensington borough's tory council and Theresa May's Tory government thought they could micro manage the disaster and drip feed the public with information they have been thankfully proved wrong. It was said that the one positive thing that came about after hillsborough was that football supporters were no longer treated like scum - the one positive thing that will hopefully come about after grenfell tower is that social housing tenants will no longer be treated like scum.

Good Friday Agreement put at risk

Two months ago an episode of the bbc current affairs programme Panorama looked at a certain Frederick Scappaticci or ‘stakeknife’ as he was known to some. Scappaticci was a key figure in the IRA’s so called ‘nutting squad’ and responsible for its internal security. A large part of his role involved interrogating suspected informers and sometimes – on Scappatticci’s say so – these suspected informers would be executed and dumped on roadsides or buried in unmarked graves. Just over a decade ago it was revealed Scappaticci had been a british agent for decades and been allowed to carry on his his grim role within the IRA so long as he passed information on to his british handlers about IRA operations and personnel. Worse still it’s now believed Scappaticci used his role as interrogator in chief in the IRA to target committed republicans for execution at the behest of british army intelligence.

But Scappaticci was far from being the only operative acting on the instruction of british intelligence during ‘the troubles’. Brian nelson was a british agent in the loyalist UDA, more than that he helped supply loyalist death squads with weapons and was involved in numerous killings of republicans and nationalists – among them the murder of the republican solicitor and civil rights activist pat finucane

Only a madman or the most viscious sectarian would want to see a return to the days when reports of bullet ridden bodies found on roadsides was routine in the north and the british state was running deaths squads there. But in her desperation to keep her discredited and rejected government on life support Theresa May risks seriously undermining the good friday agreement as a result of the grubby deal she has struck with the deeply sectarian DUP (a DUP which did their best to block the implimentation of the good friday agreement we should remember).

For those who missed it the Panorama programme on Scappaticci can be seen here

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